An industrial chiller is a refrigeration system used to lower the temperature of machinery, industrial spaces, and process fluids by removing heat from the system and transferring it elsewhere.


·        Compressor Sealed type reciprocating compressor

   (Emerson Copeland)

·         Condenser Air Cooled type, Make of copper Tubes with Aluminum Fins.
·         Cooling Coil Copper Cooling Coil dipped in storage water Tank.
·         Water Storage Tank Stainless steel, duly Insulated makes SS 304.
·         Controls such as Digital Temp. Controller / Indicator (Sub Zero), Filter Dryer, Capillary, Hand Shut Valves (Castle /Synergy), Pressure Gauge, Expansion Valves.
·         Water Pump Crompton
·         Electrical Panel Box equipped with

a.      Contactor (Schneider)

b.      MCB (Schneider)

c.       Single Phase Preventer

d.      Overload Relay (Schneider)

e.      Rotary Switches

f.        Indicators etc.

g.     LP HP Tripping System

· Interconnect copper refrigeration piping with fittings. The suction line is duly insulated.
·     Interconnecting chilled water piping CPVC duly insulated.
·         Refrigerant gas Freon R-22.
·         Long Life – Dependable – Economical to Operate
·         Compact Efficiency
·         Easy Maintenance and Repair
·         High Flow – Long Life – Dependable

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