Mechanix Equipments Pvt. Ltd. Screw Compressor

Air compressor use accounts for a significant part of your energy costs. Our design team used advanced computer modeling techniques to create rotary screw compressors that maximize efficiency and airflow while operating reliably to improve your company’s bottom line.

Mechanix Offers high-efficiency motors with high flow capacity airends that offer more airflow for the rated power.


What Makes Our Rotary Screw Compressors Unique?

  • Optimized Drive Components
  • Leak-free Designs
  • Adaptive Monitoring
  • Advanced Cooling Systems
  • Integrated, Compact Design Options
  • Automatic Alarm: Overheating, Lack of oil, High Pressure,blockage of Separator, Oil and air filter element.
  • Protection: Motor overload, Single Phase, and reverse phase, High discharge temperature.
  • History Record: Load / Unload Running time, summary running  time, and history breakdown record.
  • Dual Control: To save energy to can automatically load/unload  running with OFF after 3 minutes running on unload.

Reliable Compressed Air from Start to Finish

Maximize your total cost of ownership with  Mechanix extensive knowledge of compressor technologies, services, parts, and accessories—we are your trusted partner in compressed air systems.

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